Product Development

New product idea? Design problem you need to solve?

Our experienced team can work with you to take your project from an idea right through to manufacture. We can offer advice on design and improvements to functionality. We have in-depth knowledge of plastics moulding and mould tool manufacture. We’re experts in materials selection and ways of reducing manufacturing costs.

From concept to end product

No matter what stage you’re at – whether it’s still simply a notion or a concept or has already been turned into a sample, a sketch or a technical drawing – we’ll be able to help. From your original idea, our prompt prototyping service will help refine your design ideas, not only for concept approval but for fit and functional testing to prove the design. This eliminates any expensive mistakes at the hard-tooling phase.

Companies we’ve worked with


We know the importance of confidentiality when developing new products. Non-disclosure agreements are a key part of ensuring that and we’re always open to talking about them.



Rapid prototyping

Using a range of methods (including 3D printing) we can rapidly develop a prototype, identifying design issues and manufacturing solutions along the way.

Manufacturing processes

We can also advise on the best manufacturing methods for any given project, taking into account likely production runs, durability requirements and so on.

Battery Test Cells

“Ongoing research and development has resulted in the battery test cells being used by the lead research facilities in the UK and abroad”.