About us

Giovanni Nieddu’s unique combination of the highest standards of technical expertise and passion for his craft has grown into a company that now develops products for a wide range of industries – both traditional and cutting edge. The company’s clients now range from The AA and A+T Instruments through to Taylor Woodrow and Warwick University / WMG International.

His career began in Italy with a comprehensive four year training in toolmaking that covered everything from tool design through to the physics behind the processes. After graduating he worked first in gun making, then relocated to the UK where his role included manufacturing the first-ever moulded fountain pen, numerous mould tools and developing the cutting-edge ‘red dot’ sight for the armed forces.

When he started his own business 29 years ago Giovanni discovered that he was as passionate about building strong working relationships with clients as he was about the technical challenges of toolmaking. There’ve been massive technological changes since then as AutoCAD, CNC and email have replaced faxes and drawings done by hand but the importance of that personal contact in making a job run smoothly is a constant.

“I love taking an idea from a concept through to completion and get a real thrill from seeing the whole process.”
Giovanni Nieddu

The Team

Highly motivated sales and dedicated office staff work within our Midhurst office, ready to help you with your enquiry.

Julie Nieddu

Julie is responsible for keeping on top of finances and paying all our bills.

Our factory team

A team of highly skilled engineers at our facility in Portsmouth ensure the very highest standards of production.