Sperm Keyrings are a hit in the USA!

Sperm Keyrings have made it Stateside!

A recent marketing campaign has seen customers across the USA discovering the versatility of Sperm Keyrings. Like our customers in other parts of the world, they’re finding Sperm Keyrings are perfect for campaigns around sexual health and teenage pregnancy awareness. They’re also great for IVF clinics, sperm banks and drug companies.

Mark Whittaker, responsible for Sperm Keyrings sales world-wide, said
“We’re delighted that so many customers across the USA love our Sperm Keyrings. We’ve completed a good number of new orders already and we’re looking forward to introducing Sperm Keyrings to an even wider audience throughout America.”

To find out more, get in touch with Mark on +44 (0)1730 266554 or sales@spermkeyrings.com