Roto-Lite worldwide!

Roto-Lite Reflectors are now in use around the world!

We have a Devon client, who first saw Roto-Lites in use at a mine in Australia. He was so impressed that he knew he wanted them for his open cast mine, where they’re used to draw attention to roads and access notifications. In the past, he was forever replacing batteries on beacons so he’s delighted that he never needs to do that again.

In Ireland Roto-Lites are used on construction sites and road works around the country.

A client in North London saw the Roto-Lites in action in Ireland and realised they were just what he needed for his own company which deals in plant, machinery sales and safety signs.

We export world-wide too – Roto-Lites are in use across Africa, Australia, Canada, America and Europe.

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